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This was my first experience with BDSM. First let me say that Ms. Vivian and Master / Wolf were complete professionals and immediately helped me feel at ease. They focused and prepared for my specific needs and had formulated a creative plan prior to my arrival. They are both warm, friendly, and inviting people. The dungeon was amazing, and far beyond anything I could have imagined. As wonderful as the photos posted, they do not do it justice. I was taken as far as I wanted to go, while the two always monitored for my safety. An “amazing” experience overall. I look forward to returning in the near future. Jerry

Perhaps once, or twice—if you are lucky in your life--you will be granted an erotic bdsm experience beyond any daydream you’ve ever known, or ever thought was possible.  There is a place where all of your desires can be met...that place is Msdelightful’s Dungeon.

It is beautifully arranged; implements of domination and punishment hanging upon its walls; beds available for bondage or milking; boards arranged for your upright bondage and whipping and two dominants, Sir and Ma’am, who know everything about how to deal with a willing slave. They know
exactly how to create the most balanced mixture of pain and pleasure. Throughout my session, feelings slowly grew in intensity, bringing me increasingly into the experience of mind and body they wished me to experience.
The erotic state they brought me to is impossible to describe—as any ecstatic experience is. Sir and Ma’am have an amazing ability to sense what a slave needs, and what a slave does not yet know he or she needs. The erotic depth of my session with them is beyond words. I will certainly return to their dungeon—and be reminded of what I came there for, and taught what I did not yet know I needed.

Anthony O.

A peek at Ma'am
Ma'am is dress

I was so nervous.  Right from the beginning of our negotiation of the session, through the session and to aftercare, Master Wolf ensured my safety.  An expert in exploring what I wanted in a session and understanding my limits.

His experience with multiple toys, knowledge of how to be connected during a session and his ability to bring out my deepest, darkest desires enabled me to have the most incredible experience.   Thank You Master Wolf.   

Sherry W.

Discipline is a must

“Mindfuck, Exotic, Erotic are only a few words to try to describe my session with Ms. Vivian and Master Wolf... it was beyond my expectations.  I highly suggest you experience this Dom couple yourself. 

From the moment I stepped into the dungeon, I felt comfortable and safe.  I knew I made the right choice.
Both Doms were extremely professional and real.  They took time to engage in conversation to hear what I needed, no judgment.
All of my needs were met with more than I could have ever dreamed of.

I cannot wait to return to experience my next fantasy.  I will be a regular.  I can't wait for the next time.”

Edward C.

Punish me Ma'am

I had never played with a Dom couple but after the Session with Ms, Vivian, Master Wolf and Mistress Sara I found a new high.  A new way to let go and become totally helpless.  They absolutely are professional and real and gave me the freedom to live my desires and learn more about the BDSM lifestyle.   They made sure my safety was first always.   The flogging, the toys, the attitude, the demeanor, the dungeon, the ropes, the bondage, the sensory deprivation.....with more than one Dom it lost myself and had the best session I have ever had.  I will return over and over.

Thank you to Ms. Vivian, Master Wolf and Mistress Sara for the most excellent session   More please?

Bill D.

Another sample of toys

My shy demeanor and worry about being judged was laid to rest as soon as Ms. Vivian took control and began my session.   I found Ma'am 's mind delicious and evil, always pushing my limits and boundaries yet ensuring my safety in every way.  Her erotic body and attitude showed no mercy as she brought me to a headspace I had never known.

She made sure I was cared for yet used as I directed and gave me every desire plus more.

Thank You so much Ma'am

Stephen A.


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Located A quick 10 minutes from Louisville International Airport
and 5 minutes from Bowman field.
Bardstown Road/Highlands

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