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Ms. Vivian

Master Wolf

Mistress Sara

Ms. Vivian is wicked yet rewarding to all who come before her.  She is always addressed as Ma'am.  She is sensual, sadistic and evil.  Disobey and you will be punished.
Always aware of your needs, desires and limits, you will know you are controlled.
She will allow your escape while she dwells into your deepest parts of your soul and your mind
Make no mistake, you will crave her sadistic ways.

Master Wolf  is highly intelligent, focused, playful and caring but just like the wolf he can be cunning, ruthless and powerful. 
You may address him as Master, Sir or Daddy.  Master Wolf has 30 years of experience which allows him to share his passion for bondage, discipline and punishment.  
Let him bring you to a place of pleasure and pain.  
Your fantasies and desires can come true.


Mistress Sara is a crossdresser Dominatrix Enigma.
Experienced in all aspects of BDSM she will keep you on your toes while ensuring your every desire is realized and your experiences like no other.  What fantasy can Mistress Sara make come true for you!

 We are Professional, discrete and all communication and sessions are completely confidential. 

Located A quick 10 minutes from Louisville International Airport and 5 minutes from Bowman field.
Bardstown Road/Highlands

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